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November 21 — Joel Daniel Phillips’s There Was Something Delicious In The Absurdity is shown in Hashimoto Contemporary art gallery, San Francisco, Dec 1-22

October 22 — Canal+ strikes in-flight entertainment deals for Outdoors 🇫🇷 with Air France and Air Canada
October 20 — Après le Silence 🇧🇪 wins Best Belgian Student Short at Film Fest Gent - Belgium
October 5 —  Bodies Of Water 🇺🇸 starring Ellar Coltrane is selected at SCAD Savannah Film Festival - Savannah, GA
September 28 — Remain 🇦🇷 is in competition at Edmonton International Film Festival
September 10 — Tristan 🇧🇪 wins Best Narrative Student Award at Mosaic World Film Festival

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