Bodies Of Water

Film by David Lykes Keenan (US)

~ for Guitars, Bass, Percussion & String Orchestra

Best Texas Short award @ USA Film Festival - Dallas, TX
Official Selection @ New York City Independent Film Festival
Official Selection @ Capital City Film Festival - Lansing, MI
Official Selection @ Hill Country Film Festival - Fredericksburg, TX
Official Selection @ Red Wasp Independent Film Festival - College Station, TX
Official Selection @ Marfa Film Festival - TX
Official Selection @ Woods Hole Film Festival - Cape Cod, MA
Official Selection @ Sidewalk Film Festival - Birmingham, AL
Official Selection @ aGLIFF - Austin, TX
Official Selection @ Royal Starr Film Festival - Royal Oak, MI
Official Selection @ SCAD Savannah Film Festival - Savannah, GA
Official Selection @ Blow-Up Arthouse Film Festival - Chicago, IL
Official Selection @ Key West Film Festival - Key West, FL

The music of Bodies of Water was inspired by 1970’s progressive rock particularly The Moody Blues and The Alan Parsons Project. Other than hitting the right note in terms of location and time, David and I wanted to have that moody vibe that suits Marsh’s psychology best.
My process on this project was particularly interesting insofar as David had that musical experience of 1970’s and 1980’s that I didn’t. I have listened to vastly different flavors of music over the course of my career and I’m familiar with the style, but creating living pieces of music that reflect both an era and a mood was an enjoyable challenge.
Some of the most unexpectedly interesting moments musically were the diner scenes, we tried to have a music that would blend Marsh’s mood and follow the narrative, with the vernacular background music of an Austin diner restaurant at that time.