ALFA#2_ Stork Story

~ for Accordion, Prepared Piano, Percussion & Electronics • 2'39"

This second video of the series is a beautiful neo-realistic short film by Francesco Mattuzzi, made in the unconventional 9:16 vertical format. — Francesco sets the film around a church in a little village near Milan, where a relationship between a man and a family of storks is evolving through sound. The keyboard, the bells of the church, and the clacking of the storks' beaks are the natural sounds around which the entire sound universe is built using percussion, prepared piano, accordion, and electronics.


"A lyrical story between a bell ringer and a stork. He loves to play symphonies on an old bell piano and the stork answers with the sound of bill-clattering, creating a mix between a world below and a world above."

Official Selection @ Vertical Film Festival - Katoomba, Australia


Film Francesco Mattuzzi (It)
Francesco Mattuzzi lives and works in Milan, he uses photography and video as means of research and representation of the contemporary social reality. His attention is especially caught by sub-cultures and their original contexts

Cast Eric Procaccianti
Editor Alice Bolognani
Director of Photography Davide Grimoldi
Music Rafaël Leloup