ALFA#6_ There Was Something Delicious In The Absurdity

~ for Accordion, Trombones, Harp & String Orchestra • 2'18"

This piece was created with visual artist Joel Daniel Phillips and presented at Hashimoto Contemporary art gallery in San Francisco in December 2018.

Joel and I met in an art residency in Taos, New Mexico, in 2014 and talked about collaborating for a while. For “There Was Something Delicious In The Absurdity”, he made these 21 fantastic drawings creating a loop of 26 seconds that repeats 5 times before the music starts over.


Because it is looped all day every day in the art gallery, I divided the piece in five 26-seconds sections and set up a computer system that would call a random section every time the visual loop starts over. That way the order of the piece becomes unpredictable.

Joel's work can be found at


An other version of the music was created for live performance. To make it possible, I mapped the correct strings, harp and brass notes to the buttons of the Roland electronic accordion and triggered each of the 5 sections with a foot controller while playing the regular accordion part. This system allows me to play at whichever tempo I feel like for each performance.