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ALFA#6_ There Was Something Delicious In The Absurdity

watch video ➤ • 2'18" ~ for Accordion, Trombones, Harp & String Orchestra

This piece was created with visual artist Joel Daniel Phillips and presented at Hashimoto Contemporary art gallery in San Francisco in December 2018. For “There Was Something Delicious In The Absurdity”, he made these 21 fantastic drawings creating a loop of 26 seconds that repeats 5 times before the music starts over.

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ALFA#5_ Inheritance

watch video ➤ • 2'24" ~ for Flutes, Clarinets, Violin, Violoncello, Accordion & Electronics

Along with the release of the soundtrack of Laura Davis and Jessica Kaye's feature film INHERITANCE, here is a visually stunning excerpt whose music includes flutes, clarinets, violin, violoncello, accordion and electronics. The soundtrack is built around three basic musical elements, roughly associated with the three main characters and their relationships with one another: long daunting textures, chaotic sparkles, and non-pitched percussion. Only the lowest notes of the accordion are used here to provide a grainy quality to the texure.

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watch video ➤ • 2'25" ~ for Accordion solo & Electronics

I recorded this piece in Brooklyn in 2014 after a residency in New Mexico. I let it sleep for a while until I found the perfect visual counterpoint for it: ice seen from below a horizontal glass window to which color effects have been applied.

A piece for accordion solo with the help of subtle computer effects was a challenge I attempted a few times before feeling truly satisfied, I wanted it to be simple enough to make the listener understand every bit of the audio, yet keep a rich and complex sound for pure satisfaction.

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